(For best performance and cool looking color changing gradients, please download the Android version.)

(This clock uses camera to detect your face. Please allow it access your camera for it to work.)

Look-at Clock is an experimental clock. Normally, it will run like a normal clock. But when you look at it, it stops. The second ticker will not run anymore, and time, at least in this clock, stand still. And time will stop running as long as you look at the clock.

So, you have a clock. Like others, it's the same boring and practical clock. Then, what makes the clock more interesting? Make it somehow impractical. What if when we look at the clock (to check time, of course; not for some pretty colors), it stops? Actually, it kinds of helpful since you know exactly what time is it when you want to check it. Telling time is as hard as trying to shoot a moving target. It just won't stop.

Then, what happens when you look at the clock, and it stops? Does time at that moment stops, too? But then you stop looking, and the clock springs back to normal. What now? Did the clock just time travels, jumps from the past to present?

So many questions, too little answers.

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