A platformer about getting out, made for GBJAM 5.

It seems that you are trapped in a mysterious place. A facility of some kind, perhaps? And surely enough, you want to get out. Oh, there it is. A sign with an arrow and word "OUT" written on it. This must be the way out, isn't it?


  • Arrow keys to move left and right
  • Z to jump
  • X to shoot
  • Enter to restart current stage

NOTE: If you're stuck, try restarting the current stage! (Really helpful for the final level)

So, this is the first time I've ever joined a game jam and oh boy, the experience is completely thrilling! Creating everything from scratch, in a time span of 7 days. I always want to participate in Ludum Dare, but when the time comes, I chickened out because I just can't create art and program in 48 hours. But GBJAM, with more relaxing rules, makes me think: "Oh, maybe this is doable!"

And yet, I barely finished my game in time, even though there's still almost no animation, no sound whatsoever, and only a few levels. Lots of gameplay elements have been cut (like a map and inventory system). If only I dedicate more time to the game, then I might be able to finish it. Still, I have plenty of fun joining this jam: First time making a game for a jam, first time drawing pixel arts, first time using Godot (this engine is amazing; the editor is solid, the animation engine has an UI and really powerful).

The last minutes when jam is about to end were nerve-wrecking. I finished the game pretty late, so I didn't have many time to create an entry. I have zero experience with itch.io, so I was stunned with all the fields I have to fill to upload my game. Then came the building process. Godot is new to me too, and I didn't know how to build the game. And even after everything was done, I still thought that my game hasn't participated in the jam, followed by even more googling and the clock was ticking. Until I went to my game's page, and I saw the badge says: "Rate submission for GBJAM 5", that I felt relief.

In the future, I might work more on this game to make it closer to what I have in mind. Thank you for playing!

Made with Godot!


Mac 17 MB
Windows 6 MB
Linux 9 MB


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This game is adorable/has a neat little gimmick, glad to hear you had fun!